Frigidaire’s Stixx Suctionware Mandoline – Kitchen Must-Have!

Ive decided that a mandoline is a definite kitchen must-have. I recently ordered one from Frigidaire online and LOVE it! I keep thinking of all of the things I can do now that Im able to slice my fruits and veggies into perfect slices:

  • Slice and freeze my own mixed veggies for soups and casseroles
  • Make up snack trays for my daughter that are perfect toddler-sized finger food
  • Make my own homemade hashbrowns (much easier using a mandoline than a grater!)
  • Slice thin veggies for salads

There really are so many possibilities, and Emma and I have agreed that carrots sliced into thin circles taste much better than when sliced with a knife. 😉

The Stixx Suctionware Mandoline

Frigidaire currently has two excellent mandolines to choose from. I was provided with a $30 gift certificate to for this review so I went for the Stixx Suctionware Mandoline which is regularly $49.99 but is on sale for $33.00 what a great deal! They also have a really nice Simply Better Pro Mandoline that is on sale for $53 and regularly $85, but I loved the counter top suction feature on the Stixx version, so went with that. Here is what I received within a week of ordering:

I was relieved to find that everything arrives assembled I just had to unfold it and start slicing! I do like that it folds up because I have a verrrrry small kitchen and definitely dont have room for extra appliances. This makes it easy to fold up and stick in the cupboard when Im through with it.

Cool Features:

I was very happy with how easy this was to set up, suction to the counter, and get started using. I had a huge bag of carrots we bought in bulk that I knew I needed to cut up and freeze for later so I pulled them out and set to work.

Before long, I had a plateful of perfectly rounded and sliced carrots ready to throw in a bag and freeze and it was so easy! In fact, carrots are probably a harder vegetable to work on since theyre so crunchy and hard I did find that my arm got tired but it was still better than trying to slice them all with a knife. Softer vegetables like zucchini are a breeze!

So is it worth spending $30 or $40 on a kitchen appliance like this? I think it all depends on how much you value the time taken to slice and julienne your fruits and veggies! I mean, if you dont work with fresh fruit and veggies very often then you might not need one (or you might anyway because its just so COOL) but anyone who makes their food from scratch or slices finger foods for their children often will appreciate the convenience and ease with which it can be done with a mandoline like this one. And I can definitely recommend this particular one I love mine!

More About Frigidaires Online Store:

Before I was contacted by Frigidaire, I wasnt even aware they had an online store! Now Ive been enlightened and I love what they have available and the sales are great! Besides mandolines, they also carry cookware, food storage, and kitchen gadgets, as well as things you would need for your kitchen, laundry room, and even outdoor grills like drip pans for your stove, universal appliance light bulbs, grill covers, organizers, and, one of my favorite products, the Shake-Away Plus Vibration Isolation Pads (no more noisy washer!).

Cool Tip!

Frigidaire has RECIPES! Check out their delicious-looking dinner, dessert, appetizer, breakfast, and salad recipes, as well as recipe tips here!

Is there a kitchen accessory you cant live without?

I would like to thank Rebecca of Frigidaire for providing me with a $30.00 code to Frigidaire Accessories in order that I might share my experiences with the site and the product reviewed above. This post is 100% my own opinion, thoughts, and experiences, and was not edited or reviewed by anyone. I do not feel obligated to write a positive review Ill always share my honest thoughts on products.