Find Houses to Rent Online (Without Losing Your Mind!)

Needing rental assistance? It was only a few weeks ago that I was on the hunt for the perfect house to rent, and boy was it tough! I, as the person whose idea it was to move in the first place, was in charge of finding places to look at. I know that some of the best ways to find a place are looking online, in newspaper classifieds, and driving around, so I did all of the above but when it came to looking for a place online, I felt kind of lost.

I spent so much time online trying to figure out where people were putting their Houses For Rent ads. But I never did find the motherload. I tried every search term I could think of in Google to bring up listings that would help me, but that was pretty much a waste of time. LOTS of time.

Craigslist was a place I checked every day, but since anyone can put up ads for free I had to be very careful. It was also tough sifting through the million and one apartment rental ads, repeat ads (you can post the same ad every day with a different title I guess), and there werent many with pictures. It was not easy and not really the best place to look.

A little over a week ago we moved into our new house (found via a property management website), so happily the search for the perfect place is over. For now anyway. But oh how I wish I had known about when I was searching! is a searchable database of houses for rent that is very easy to navigate 100 times more user friendly than any other house search sites I have come across in the past few months. It pulls from many other online sources and in that way saves you a lot of online searching time.

What youll like:

  • Search by zip code or city, state
  • Refine your search (bedrooms, bathrooms, rental prices)
  • View photos of the houses
  • Rental prices are displayed at the top of the info page in a bold font easy to find!
  • Features and amenities are bulleted and easy to read through
  • Map and directions are right on the information page
  • You can order the search results by relevance or price range (lowest to highest, etc)

We arent planning on staying in this house forever, and when its time to move on Ill definitely be checking out!

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