Faking Grace by Tamera Leigh

Faking Grace by Tamera Leigh

Reviewed for BookLoons

Maizy is a faker. But she desperately needs a job, and when the post of editorial assistant at Christian publishing company Steeple Side comes up, she knows she has to try for it. Assuming that the best way to impress them is to play the part of good little Christian, she begins a superficial makeover immediately.

First, thankfully she has the appropriate name Maizy Grace. Get the play on words there? Cruel of her mother. She asks Steeple Side to call her Grace.

Next, she makes up a checklist to follow, one that will assure that she has covered all her bases get the Christian speak down, find a church, sport the appropriate accessories (such as Christian bumper stickers, jewelry, etc). Its a good thing she bought that oh-so-helpful book, The Dumb Blondes Guide to Christianity! Not that she isnt a Christian

I was saved years ago. Even went through the dunking process the whole water-up-the-nose thing (should not have panicked). But the truth is, other than occasionally attending church with my grandmother before and after I was saved, my faith is relatively green. Hence the need for a checklist.

Maizy gets herself into quite a pickle. She has a hard time keeping track of her lies and is feeling guilty about them, and a fellow employee, handsome-but-annoying Jack with a lovely British accent, is definitely suspicious of her. Little does Maizy know that things are about to get even more difficult and she will have to make one of the most important decisions of her life.

Faking Grace is both light, entertaining chick lit and a story that can really make you think about how real your own faith is. I laughed at Maizys hilarious, wacky adventures and winced every time she dug herself deeper with another lie. From the time she accidentally calls Yours in Christ! with a big, fake smile to Jack when she first meets him (later discovering that it wasnt an appropriate greeting) to when she accidentally lets a curse word escape her lips as she spills coffee on herself (in front of Jack of course), Maizys spunky personality and laugh-out-loud wit make Faking Grace a really fun read.