Fabric Travel High Chair for Baby (Sitting-Up Support)

I love this idea! I have a booster seat which I really love, but you dont always want to drag it along with you everywhere (some of us dont even have room). This would be perfect to keep in your diaper bag (anyone elses diaper bag getting bigger and bigger and bigger).

This way you dont have to tie your baby to the chair like we did for her first Thanksgiving. *whistling innocently*

Buy it!

My Little Seat
My Little Seat Etsy Shop $29.99!

My Little Seat is a compact fabric travel baby high chair that folds down to the size of a diaper in its own matching bag!

With 4 harness ties, a cord lock fastener and 2 adjustable shoulder straps for extra security this is our Active Baby seat for the more adventurous natured baby & toddler! It sets up in seconds!

My little seat is recommend for babies who can confidently sit up unassisted (age generally from 6 -30 months) *consideration should be made for your babys own development

Max weight- 35lbs

* Double layered fabric for increased durability and extra security
* Reinforced box top stitching securing all straps
* Machine washable!
* Extremely light and portable

Make it!

For those of you who are able to sew (how I envy you), heres a free sewing pattern I found:

Easy Pattern from Canadian Living

Would you use one of these? What have you used in a pinch?

I really did tie my baby to a chair. 😉 But usually she sits on my lap. It would be so much easier with one of these!


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