{Etsy Rave} The Red Pistachio’s Deluxe Chenille Baby Gift Sets are a Definite Favorite!

Not a sponsored post just wanted to share a VERY cool Etsy deal and shop with you!

Today I want to introduce you to The Red Pistachio!

I found a really great deal there on a set of handmade chenille baby necessities that I LOVE! I ordered a set, I couldnt resist the fabrics or the price (under $75). Heres what I ordered:

This is a Deluxe Baby Gift Set she also sells all of her baby gifts separately and in a smaller gift sets. The Deluxe set includes:

  • Fabric Storage Bin
  • Chenille Baby Blanket (29 x 35)
  • Set of 3 Chenille Burp Cloths
  • Chenille Bib
  • Set of 3 Chenille Washcloths

Cherie, the seamstress behind these pieces, is really great about custom orders, too. I asked her if she could make a set for me in these specific fabrics (the line is called Urban Circus) and also asked if she would substitute a second bib for the three washcloths and she did so happily. She also let me choose what I wanted to be made in which fabric, then sent me a photo when the set was done.

When I received the set (she ships within 7 days of payment), I was SO impressed! The chenille is high-quality and super soft and everything is very well-made. I couldnt be happier with my purchase.

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Cherie was SO wonderful to work with and order from, I really recommend checking out her shop!

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