Emma’s Memory Quilt: From Baby Clothes to Heirloom Quilt!

Im one of those moms who cant bear to see certain things go after my kids grow out of them. Isaacs first tiny booties. Emmas sweet classic Pooh bib with the ruffle. Some of our favorite onesies and baby blankets. There are some things that are irreplaceable, you know? You have pictures, but being able to touch them really brings the memories flooding back.

For a long time, Ive been planning on making Emma a quilt with her old baby clothes but Ive never made a quilt before and didnt want to practice on those items. So I turned to a company that makes professional quilts, Campus Quilt Company. And I am SO glad I did! But before we get to the great reveal (Im so excited to show you!), I want to show you the process, and how easy it was to have done.

This is the kit they sent me:

The kit includes:

  • A bag to mail all your quilt pieces (t-shirts, baby clothes, whatever you wish) to them in
  • A prepaid label
  • Detailed instructions with diagrams and pictures
  • A form to fill out describing how you want your quilt to look
  • Samples of the fabrics you have to choose from for the backing and binding

You have the option of designing your quilt completely yourself, down to where you want each piece you send in to be placed on the quilt (thats what the sticker numbers are for), OR you can have their amazing designers do it for you. Thats what I chose to do have them design it for me since I had already cut my onesies down to squares and rectangles. I had no idea how I wanted it to look or what would be the best way to do it, I just knew I wanted them in a quilt. I did throw an idea out, though, and suggested they put the squares in groups of four with white binding around each square. Then I carefully put my precious onesies, a bib, and some super soft minky fabric I wanted in the quilt as well into the bag and dropped it off at a FedEx dropbox. So. Easy!

Over the next month, I received updates via email letting me know that the quilt was being made and where it was in the process. A designer emailed me at one point, too, telling me that they had some extra space to fill and I could choose the color and material to be used. They were awesome! Finally, I received the email letting me know that my quilt was on the way. *Note that it normally takes about two weeks, but because I ordered mine over the Christmas holidays, it took longer.*

One day, I received THIS in the mail:

Eeeee, so gorgeous I couldnt be more pleased with the result! This quilt is so beautiful, and so special I love it! The flannel backing is really soft and pretty, and everything looks so pretty. It is a true quilt, with batting inside and everything. I can feel that the materials used are high quality, and the quilt is made so well! Its not going to fall apart for a LONG time, let me tell you that.

I love the way they incorporated the bib and Pooh mittens that went over her tiny hands!

Emma really loves her new special quilt, too. She likes to go over each piece and really look at the details, then look through her baby album and find the onesies she wore. She wont go to sleep at night without it now!

I really could not be more thrilled with this quilt. And now I know for sure I want to save up and do the same thing with Isaacs baby clothes in the future! And yes, I am saving them all. It is going to be one spectacular quilt. 😉

Want to have a quilt made at Campus Quilt Company?

Campus Quilt Company makes T-Shirt Quilts, Baby Clothes Quilts, Photo Quilts, and even T-Shirt pillows! They make them in all sizes, and what you receive is truly quilted! Apparently not everyone who promises a t-shirt quilt actually quilts it. Campus Quilt Company DOES. Check out their FAQs for more information!

Heres another cool variation of their baby quilts:

Yep, thats right, they can stitch anything to the quilt that they can get a needle through! 🙂

See more examples of their quilts here. (I personally think mine is the prettiest!)

I would like to thank Campus Quilt Company for making me a quilt with my daughters baby clothes that I will treasure ALWAYS! I was not charged for this I was only expected to share my experience with you. 🙂