Emma’s 4th My Little Pony-Themed Birthday Party (With DiscountPartySupplies.com Review)

We celebrated Emmas 4th birthday on Saturday! At her request, it was My Little Pony themed. I havent done a lot of themed parties in the past, but this was fun! And I was able to find a My Little Pony Party Pack online, so that took much of the party-shopping work off my shoulders. 🙂

We started out Saturday morning for my parents house lucky them, they usually host all the get-togethers because they have the biggest house. I stopped at Walmart first to grab hot dogs and buns for lunch, and everything I would need to make Emma a cake, except the ponyhead shaped cake pan which I already had ordered. Two rainbow cake mixes and an assortment of pre-made frostings and I was ready to go.

The cake turned out really cute! The mold worked well and I was able to figure out where everything should be on the horses head while decorating. Im no professional cake decorator, thats for sure my sister and I just jumped in and had fun with it. In the end it was whimsical rather than accurate, but Emma LOVED it. Seriously, shes 4 all she cared about was how fast she could get the frosting in her mouth. 😉

All of Emmas favorite cousins came to her party, and her much-loved vivacious auntie Kristy really helped bring about the party atmosphere. Aunt K. even blew up the humongous My Little Pony balloon by herself! The kids had a blast playing catch with it, let me tell you. I didnt feel bad at all that I hadnt had a chance to get it filled with helium before the party.

Emma was gifted My Little Pony play figures and Schleich horses, games, some gardening supplies (she loves gardening!), and some random little candies. It was hilarious how excited she was by the candy she stopped to hug the Laffy Taffy I threw in with her Schleich horse figurines, she was so happy to see candy. The only other thing she showed that much exuberance for was a big toy horse Aunt K. gave her that had a brushable mane, hair clips, comb and mirror, and a little hair dryer that really makes noise she loves it!

I was very happy with the My Little Pony Party Supplies I received from Discount Party Supplies. Everything was super cute, good quality, and Emma absolutely loved that her party hats were crowns! Hers said, Princess of the Party.

I also received some party favors like mini paint sets, a beaded My Little Pony bracelet, curvy straw, and whistles. I love that they have so many different fun options! I can definitely recommend shopping there for your next themed party, they have a great selection and competitive pricing. And its so much easier to shop online there than try to find everything you want in-store (this I know from bitter experience). If youre not sure what your next party theme will be, they may even give you some great ideas just check out the boy party decor and the girl party decor categories!

I know Emma was more than thrilled with her party because after we came home and before bed that night she said to me, Mommy, that was my most favorite birthday EVER!. 🙂 Happy mom here!

What theme does your child want for his or her next birthday?

I received party supplies thanks to the awesome people at discountpartysupplies.com so that I could share my thoughts on them with you. I always give my honest opinion uninfluenced by the company or free product provided.