Emma Imagines: Stellaluna, Her Little Bat Friend

Thanks to one of our favorite reads, Stellaluna, Emma has been doing a lot of pretending lately. Have you ever read this book? It is SO sweet both the story and illustrations are precious!

(You can buy Stellaluna at Amazon.com new or Paperbackswap.com used.)

She imagines that Stellaluna is a real little bat friend who swoops down from the big tree in our backyard every time she goes out to play. Stellaluna lands right in her hand and then accompanies her while she plays outside its so cute! The first time she decided that there was a real Stellaluna, Emma pointed up into the branches of our tree and cried, Oh no! Stellaluna is falling! and ran over to the tree where she caught the poor little bat before she hit the ground. Then Emma spent the rest of her time outside trying to find a way to get Stellaluna back up into her tree home.

Heres how it went

Emma catching the little bat.
Oh, poor Stellaluna! You fell! Ill save you

Mom, we need to find a tree for her!

Off she goes to find the perfect tree

This is Stellalunas favorite tree! Here you go, little Stellaluna. Bye!

OH no, Stellaluna fell! Now I have to help her again

Success! Stellaluna happy in her little tree.

Until next time anyway. 🙂

Whats your childs favorite storybook character right now?