Emma loves Jane Eyre, too!

I have very mixed feelings about this

I leave the room for a minute with my beloved copy of Jane Eyre on the floor (where I was reading it) about four feet away from Emma, my 4 1/2-month-old daughter.

Alas, her days of being immobile and trustworthy are over!

I walk in and find her ON the book like shes bodysurfing
This was after I had screamed and pulled the book out from under her.

Aieeeeeeee! You know, I was happy that she liked books. Was. Before. My books are all in danger now. I feel the panic welling up within me

My POOR Jane Eyre! *wailing* Its ripped and slimed

But oh, her delight
when she reads of Janes plight!

And how could anyone, saved by Gods grace
stay mad at this face? 🙂