Emma Learns the Story of Jesus’ Birth (Part 1)

This year Im teaching Emma the story of Jesus birth and she is sooo fascinated! I read her the story in a few books but what really helped her remember the story was when I told it through felt pieces.

Heres the angel telling Mary she is to give birth to Gods son.

Then Joseph and Mary being turned away from the Inn. No room!

They find shelter in a stable and Jesus is born.

The angels appear to the shepherds nearby.

The shepherds worship Jesus.

And, of course, the three wise men bring their gifts. 🙂

This isnt a sponsored post but I cant help but recommend this felt set it is beautiful quality and so detailed! I love it. And all of these pieces came in the The Birth of Jesus set from Betty Lukens (you can also find it on Amazon.com). Its $10.50 for the felt pieces and $10.50 for the storyboard. But of course you can use any background and just get the felt pieces if you want. Its my daughters favorite Nativity activity so far this year! 🙂

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