Emma Has a Big Girl’s Bike Now!

This was Emmas Christmas present from my parents:

A beautiful Disney Princess Huffy 16 bike with training wheels.

She. Is. Thrilled!

Youll remember that we found her a tricycle at a garage sale for $5 not too long ago. I think it was too small for her because she refused to ride it after awhile. So this really came just in time, and it was a great choice. We needed something to get us outside, and Ive been taking her out to practice riding in our driveway and down the lane every day since Christmas, rain or shine.

My only problem now is that she had one tumble (into the grass, nothing serious) and now she panics and refuses to ride unless she feels me holding her waist. This does not stop her from riding fast, so if you see a woman running along next to a pink bike ridden by a little girl with a huge grin on her face (unless she feels moms hands leave her) and pedaling like crazy, well, that would be us. 🙂

Oh and this bike has all of the bells and whistles tassles, a carriage basket (removed in this picture so she could see), and even a horn. My parents thought of everything!

Thank you, grandma and grandpa!