Eco-Me Natural Do-it-Yourself Cleaning, Body, Baby, and Pet Kits

Did you know that one of the least expensive ways of going green is to make your own natural cleaning products, beauty products, baby products, and even pet products? I did some research on the internet a couple of months ago and found a ton of great natural cleaning recipes. I was so inspired, I made a special trip to the grocery store and bought ingredients like vinegar and baking soda – those two products are wonderful for cleaning and disinfecting!

The Problem.

Unfortunately, the vinegar I bought is still under my sink waiting for me to one day make something with it. lol I just couldnt get started couldnt find the containers and spray bottles I wanted to use, and couldnt seem to make time to look up the recipes again. And well, I hate the smell of vinegar! Yuck. I think that was part of it. 😉

The Solution!

When I first came across Eco-Mes Starter Kits, I thought it was brilliant! Half of my problem was having everything I needed at my fingertips. Eco-Me simplifies it to the point that a child can do it. And the cool part? Its safe enough that a child can do it with you!

Eco-Me is all about providing you with know-how and everything you need to make everyday cleaners, beauty products, etc without any chemicals whatsoever. It saves you from having to worry about reading and understanding the labels of products that say theyre natural but could be messing with you. Labels are confusing, arent they? Well, with Eco-Me, you are the one who mixes the ingredients, so obviously you know everything that is in them.

The biggest plus? Theyre wonderfully affordable!

Some of my favorite Eco-Me kits:

Element Home Scrub Kit
(All the tools you need to make your own chemical-free home scrub cleanser.)

Body Starter Kit
(Make your own natural Body Scrub, Body Oil, Body Tonic & Body Powder.)

They also carry Pre-Mixed Cleaning Products!

A Moms Thoughts:

I really wanted to try out their complete baby product kit, and so was excited when Eco-Me agreed to let me test it out and share my results with you! They sent me the complete Baby Starter Kit Box Set.

The baby kit includes:

  • 1 Bottle with Sprayer to mix Eco-Me Baby Room Spray
  • 1 Jar & Lid to mix Eco-Me Baby Wipes (35 soft wipes on a roll)
  • 1 Jar & Lid to mix Eco-Me Baby Diaper Pail Deodorizer
  • 1 Bottle of Eco-Me Baby blend essential oil mix
  • Pre-packaged Vinegar and Baking Soda
  • 1 Mixer

I was really impressed with the organization and the simple instructions. In fact, there are no extra paper instructions to keep track of its all on the labels on the containers. For instance, when it came time to make the Eco-Me Diaper Pail Deodorizer, the directions instructed me to add baking soda to the marked line on the container they provided. In this kit, they provide the baking soda as well, so I added the package they provided.

Next, I was to add one unit of the essential oil baby blend to the baking soda. The units are marked on the side of the essential oil bottle, making it simple to add the specified amount.

I used the provided mixer to mix the two ingredients together, and ta-da!

A simple-to-make, 100% natural diaper pail deodorizer! The lid has little holes in it so you can sprinkle the mixture easily to the bottom of your diaper pail. It also cleans, so when youre ready to clean the pail all you have to do is add a little water and wipe it out.

Pros and Cons:

I think what I really love about Eco-Mes kits is how easy they make it for you to learn how to do it all yourself. After you run out of their ingredients, you can continue to make the products using your own ingredients! They do sell essential oil refills, though.

Speaking of the essential oil I do have to share my thoughts on that. I didnt like their baby blend of essential oils. It just bothered me. So I decided to use another brand of baby blend essential oil I had on hand, and I loved the results! I know that not everyone will be bothered by Eco-Mes blend, but Im thinking it might be nice to have another type of essential oil around just in case theyre not that expensive and can be purchased in the health section of many stores. I recommend lavender as an alternative. I also love orange and lemon. Its really a preference thing. 🙂


Eco-Me has a definite fan here. I love how they make it so simple to learn how to make your own products, and I cant wait to try some of their other kits! I have my eye on the body kit right now I think that one will be next.

Ready to Buy?

You can buy Eco-Me Box Kits and other products at Abes Market online. The Baby Box Set is $26.95 there. Alternatively, you can buy the same baby kit (in different packaging and without the pre-packaged baking soda and vinegar) for 50% off at Those burlap bag kits are phasing out and the boxes will be replacing them in the future. If you have any questions about this, let me know!

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