Easter Plans Gone Awry, Bunny Ears, and Embarrassing Diaper Incidents…

Yep, that title pretty much sums up our Easter.

I had some plans for Easter but nothing ended up working out the way I wanted to, partly because I wasnt feeling well on Saturday and so prep for the holiday didnt happen. I didnt hard-boil any eggs, didnt plan an elaborate Easter dinner, and we didnt go on an Easter egg hunt.

Its okay, I can get away with it for one more year while my kids are so young they dont realize they missed out. 😉

The day wasnt a total loss, though it will be memorable, thats for sure. We got up in the morning and headed to church for Easter service. My husband is a worship leader so we had to be there an hour early for practice but I still managed to get everyone dressed up and looking nice. Emma looked the best out of all of us (she usually does).

I put Isaac in a cute frog polo shirt and pants, no onesie underneath later I realized that was a BIG mistake. About five minutes before the service ended there was an explosion from Isaac who was sitting on my lap, and gooey um, stuff came pouring out the back of his diaper onto my lap. All over the front of my pants and my shirt. It was SO GROSS. Of course I had no extra clothes for myself (thankfully I did for him). I wanted John to take me home and come back but he had to play two more songs at the end of the service. So I wiped myself off best I could with wipes, loaded Isaac into his car seat, and headed out to the car where I sat and waited until John and Emma came. Thankfully no one saw me except a very nice teenage girl who was helping me in the nursery.

I can tell you one thing, this baby is going to be in overalls from now on I defy anything to seep through denim!

It was unfortunately rainy for the rest of the day but at one point when it had stopped I took the kids outside to try to get some cute Easter pictures of them in some bunny ears I had purchased. Doesnt it just figure that neither of them wanted to cooperate? Emma refused to keep them on and wanted to do nothing but run blissfully around the yard. Isaac was grumpy and probably just wanted to sleep. Oh well!

We didnt dye any eggs or have an Easter egg hunt, but next year Ill do that. 🙂 I did have a special springtime basket for Emma with some cute things from the Target dollar section (REALLY cute stuff like stretchy bugs, necklace pens, and magnets that can be painted) and later we had hot chocolate with marshmallow bunnies. That was quite a treat for her, and I know she enjoyed her day. 🙂

So what did YOU do on Easter? 🙂