Easter Egg Hunts with Toddlers, Special Outfits, and Big Smiles

Believe it or not, this year was the first we have had an Easter egg hunt. I didnt have the energy to deal with community Easter egg hunts when Emma was younger and I knew bigger kids would be running around grabbing up all the eggs (plus I never know if I can trust that candy). This year we have a nice big yard and the weather was beautiful, though so I planned it and really enjoyed it along with the kids. I bought all the fillings at the dollar store and even found a couple of cute baskets there.

(Note to self: Dont wait until the last minute next year so you dont have to fight other last-minute shoppers for the good stuff. 😉

The Easter egg hunt was a last-minute thing, but I had planned for cute Easter photos this year! Isaac wore a sailor outfit I found at a consignment shop (new with tags and 50% off great deal!) and a sailor dress for Emma. I love those outfits they looked so cute!

Emma of course found the most eggs, but what surprised me was how interested Isaac was in the egg hunt. We had another little boy a few months older over for the hunt and he had absolutely no interest in it whatsoever it was funny watching him ditch the basket and go explore our yard instead. But Isaac likes to put things in bags and baskets and carry them around already, so this was right up his alley.

Then he grabbed the other little boys basket and carried it around for awhile, too.

I then attempted to get some pictures of both kids smiling and posing for me. That was a laugh. 😉

I did finally get a good one of Emma, though. 🙂

And Isaac was full of smiles while playing ball with daddy later. 🙂

We had a great Easter. 🙂

How was yours? If you have toddlers, how did you celebrate and how did they react?