Dumbo 70th Anniversary DVD/Blu-Ray Edition {Review}

Straight from heaven up above, here is a baby for you to love.

Did you know that Dumbo was first aired in 1941? This fascinates me I didnt realize until I looked it up today that it was that classic. Amazing! It certainly does have an old-time charm and a different focus than the Disney movies nowadays have. I mean, the backgrounds are watercolor paintings. And the writers werent afraid to write a story that is so very touching that you want to reach in and pluck Dumbo from the tough surroundings he faces. By the time you reach the end, though, you see that everything he went through made him a better well, elephant. 🙂

Obviously this was a movie I watched, enjoyed, and thought about long after the end credits had rolled by. I love Dumbo! The addition of music and the plucky mouse that encourages Dumbo heartily at all times was wonderful. It brought me straight back to my childhood.

About the 70th Anniversary Edition:

On September 20th, Dumbo the 70th Anniversary DVD/Blu-Ray Edition became available! This set has some great extra features including deleted scenes and songs, the making of Dumbo, audio commentary, games, a featurette, two animated shorts, and more! It also gives you the option of watching it in DisneyView which is kind of an artistic way of watching it. This replaces the plain white edges of the screen with original artwork. You can see an example in the photo below:

I think this edition of Dumbo is a must-have for everyones Disney movie collection!

Want It?

You can order Dumbo from Amazon.com. Its also available to purchase in Blu-Ray or DVD separately.

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Do you remember watching Dumbo as a kid?

I would like to thank Disney for providing me with a copy of the DVD reviewed above in order that I might share my thoughts on it with you. All opinions are 100% mine. 🙂 My Amazon affiliate link can be found in this post.