Dove Damage Therapy Hair Care Products {Love It!} #dovegleeforall

I recently was given the opportunity to try Doves new line of hair care products, Dove Damage Therapy. This line includes the Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo and Conditioner System, Dove Daily Treatment Conditioner, and the Dove Damage Therapy System (formulated for specific hair types).

Heres what makes Doves Damage Therapy products so awesome:

  • Fiber Actives penetrate deep inside the hair strand to help reconstruct damaged proteins. It helps strengthen hair against breakage, split ends, dry, unmanageable hair, lack of body and even static.
  • The patented Micro Moisture serum targets damage where hair needs it most, helping to repair the surface of hair by sealing lifted cuticles to help protect against future damage. It targets damaged hair by depositing gel-phase conditioning, cationic polymers and fine silicone droplets in an even layer, leaving hair with a more conditioned, clean feel without weighing it down.

Watch this Dove video, youll love it!

My verdict after a good two months of daily use?

Love it!

Seriously, I was so impressed with what the two products I was sent for review did for my hair that I immediately bought the Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo and Conditioner. But let me start at the beginning here

My Experience:

I was sent the Dove Daily Treatment Conditioner and Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner to try out. Now, my hair before I started using Dove products was not in good condition. I was frankly depressed about it. Ive been heat styling my hair for years now and it was definitely taking its toll my hair was dry and unmanageable, and I had split ends. I was to the point where I could do nothing but put my hair up to keep it out of the way. Every day was a bad hair day.

I started with the Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner because my hair was in such bad shape. It says on the bottle that you can use it every day, so I have been. The instructions say to massage a quarter-sized portion through wet hair and leave on for 1 minute, then rinse out thoroughly. This I did, and noticed a difference in the way my hair felt right away! I let it dry naturally and was so thrilled that it didnt frizz up like usual. And after straightening it it looked great! There was so clearly a difference in my hair, I couldnt deny it. It is shinier and looks so much better as a whole. I even had my mom try it and she was converted, too! Were normally rather picky about what we use on our frizzy locks, so I can tell you that these products impressed us greatly.

Final Thoughts:

The Intensive Repair Daily Treatment Conditioner claims to leave hair intensely nourished, significantly strengthened, and silky smooth. So did it do this for me? Yes! It definitely lived up to its claims and has made the Dove brand a new favorite for me. Ill be using this as long as I heat style my hair for sure I only wish I had used it before so that it could have prevented the split ends I had from straightening my hair every day over a long length of time. But Im just glad to have it now.

Buy it!

You can purchase the Dove Damage Therapy products for anywhere from $4.00 5.00 at stores like Walmart, Target, and Walgreens. Very affordable!

Find out more about Doves new line of products at While youre there, enter for a chance to win a visit to the set of Glee!

Disclosure: I received two Dove Damage Therapy conditioners in order to share my thoughts and results with you. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.