Don’t Blink… Your Kids are Growing Up Fast!

Emma isnt a toddler anymore shes a little girl! I have such mixed feelings about this. Shes getting more independent all the time, wanting to make her own decisions, talking more and having conversations with us, not melting down like she did as a toddler, and wanting to help with everything. 🙂 Shes compassionate and sweet and funny, and really a joy to have around shes not a little baby anymore!

When I try to remember what she was like as a baby its all so dim, I cant remember what I want to. Im thankful to have pictures and videos, though. I took a lot. 🙂

This is my husbands favorite picture of her (with his headset that he uses when he plays Call of Duty on Playstation 3):

This picture looks a lot like me when I was a little girl:

And I cant leave out Isaac who I felt was never going to be born he is such a social little guy! Hes almost 2 months already. Im telling you, time is flying!

I know Im not the only one who is watching my children sprout up right before my eyes.

Dont blink! 🙂