Does Your Child Have a Lovey or Security Blanket? (Emma Does!)

Edited to add: Emma told me this morning matter-of-factly that Seahorse is NOT a boy he is a girl. Apparently we just have the he/she his/hers mixed up. 😉

Emma has had one of these Fisher Price Glow Seahorses ever since she was born.

You squeeze his tummy and it glows and plays a few different lullabies. She has had it so long now that she cant imagine life without it it goes with her everywhere.

She treats him like her little baby she doesnt play with dolls but if she did shed treat it like she does this guy. She rocks him, feeds him, kisses his owies, and pushes him in a stroller. Its so cute!

Id like to say that we have the same seahorse that she had when she was a baby, but its not true this is actually seahorse #4. Or is it #5? I dont know, but things kept happening that caused me to send a text like this to my husband,

Please bring home another seahorse with you or life as we know it will fall apart.

Things like the screws that opened the battery cap became stripped (really frustrating when youre trying to change the batteries before bedtime) or the music box inside just broke.

Yes, I sometimes wish she wasnt so attached to something that requires batteries. You can bet we spend a lot of money on AA batteries.

One time I had to wash the plush outside (the seahorse itself) after it came in contact with something gross and there was MUCH wailing and gnashing of teeth until the evil washer released it. The need for cleanliness can be very frustrating for a 3-year-old.

I really hope that Fisher Price never stops making these, because Im sure well have to be making at least one more trip to the store for a replacement!

Heres a sweet video of Emma as a baby with the first seahorse:

Does your child have a special irreplaceable toy or blanket?