Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series is on DVD!

I can hardly refrain from squealing like a little girl, I am SO SO SO excited about this November 9 release from BBC. Its HERE!


Whoops, couldnt refrain! But come on, this is (in my opinion), the BEST season of Doctor Who so far, and oh-so-worth watching and owning!

My Love For Doctor Who

I started watching the entire series from start to finish when it first came onto Netflix Instant. Right away I was hooked and watched it every spare minute I could find. Its such an interesting storyline and I found the sci-fi lover in me drawn by the space- and time-travel aspect of the whole series. But its the personal side of The Doctor that really caught me. A man on his own, the last of an entire alien race, who cares but cant really connect without risk. He has various assistants who come and go, and leave a mark on his life.

Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Season!

Who is The Doctor?

The Doctor is an adventurer through time and space, exploring the most wonderful and terrible places in the universe and usually ending up in trouble. The Eleventh Doctor arrives, now ready to face the future, boarding his newly-refitted TARDIS with a brand-new friend and brand-new enthusiasm to see whats out there among the stars

When Season 5 came out, I wasnt sure what I would think of Matt Smith. There have been a few different Doctor Who actors (the story behind that is that every once in awhile he gets a new body due to almost dying, dire circumstances, etc) and Ive loved each of them for different reasons and felt a tinge of sadness knowing they wont be there forever. But when Matt Smith came on the scene, I saw right away he was a dynamic personality that would add to the series in a great way. And his assistant, gorgeous Karen Gillan as Amy Pond, is an amazing actress! I think shes one of the top reasons I adore this series shes funny, talented, and real.

About Amy Pond

Amy is a feisty young girl living in a sleepy old village. Looking for adventure, she gets far more than she bargained for when she meets the Doctor. Her world and the entire universe change forever once she steps on board the TARDIS.

The adventures in this series totally are edge-of-your-seat suspense and action-adventure. Theres always something crazy going on and some new challenge to face, whether it be aliens, vampires, humanoid reptiles, or angelic-appearing statues with deathly gazes. That last one is one of the scariest enemies and one of my absolute FAVORITE episodes when they face the Weeping Angels in Flesh and Stone. Wow, just wow.

Add to that the fact that they travel both backwards and forward in time, sometimes meeting and shedding light on well-known historical figures or events things that we thought were perfectly normal had a bit of the paranormal somewhere most probably and The Doctor is sure to be able to figure it out.

You HAVE to watch the trailer

Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series DVD Bonus Features:
  • Meanwhile in the Tardis: Newly filmed scenes written by Steven Moffat, exclusive to DVD and Blu-ray, telling what happens between the episodes
  • Doctor Who Confidential: An inside look at each episode
  • Monster Files: Get under the skin and inside the minds of the new Doctors most challenging opponents
  • In-vision commentaries
  • Outtakes
  • Video diaries
  • Teasers and trailers

Final Thoughts: I am not disappointed in this series on DVD in any way whatsoever. Its AWESOME, and the special features rock, too! I loved the addition of the outtakes and video diaries. The set includes 6 DVDs and is 9 hours.

If you havent seen Doctor Who yet, I really recommend that you check it out! You could even start with this series if you wanted and go back to the first through fourth series later for some background. I really do believe this is the best of them all. 🙂

Want It?

You can purchase Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series at the BBC America Shop and on It retails for $79.98. At the time of this posting, its on sale on for $51.99!

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