Do you wear dresses?

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So, I tried this dress on at Target a couple days ago. I loved it, it was so comfortable! Something Im not used to when it comes to dresses I generally avoid them like the plague. I will tolerate skirts, but Im still not comfortable in them. Its not that I dont like the way dresses look. Its that they look better on other women!

Anyway, Im thinking of going back to get this, but I dont really know where Id wear it. Well, I would wear it to church, but our church is so laid back that most people wear jeans. And if I can wear jeans, why would I wear a dress? lol This is a conundrum.

Maybe itll go on clearance soon. 😉 If I did buy it, I think it would look better on me if I wore black nylons and black dress shoes (not high heels another thing I abhor).

(Hm, maybe Ill re-think my no-heels-ever vow)

Kidding! 😉

What do you think? Do you wear dresses very often?

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