Dear Toddler (Soon-To-Be Big Sister)…

I know that you are only 2 1/2 (I remind myself of this fact every day), but this new little firecracker attitude you have is wearing mommy out! Not that it isnt cute in fact, I think I initially encouraged it by laughing at your antics and created for myself a cute little pigtailed monster.

The problem is that youre too smart for your own good. No one told me I would have to be quicker and smarter than a 2-year-old. No one told me that it would take EFFORT and ENERGY to be quicker and smarter than a 2-year-old! You know that Im pregnant and dont move very fast anymore and you are totally taking advantage of it. Mommy asks you to pick up your toys? You look at me out of the corner of your eye and pretend not to hear. You throw your food around even though you know better. Youve started spitting stuff out of your mouth just for fun. You think its funny to pop me gently, hoping for an ow! so that you can hug and kiss the owie and say, Sorry! only to start the whole thing over again. You pretend you dont know who Baby Isaac is, though I know you do because you look right at my stomach and yesterday even pulled my shirt up to check for a moment before putting my shirt back down firmly and saying, Bye-bye, baby!. No pretty pictures of big sister kissing the tummy for THIS family. Youve started saying, No! with an impish grin on your face when I ask you to do something you dont want. And if you really want something you ask me about 45 times in 0.3 seconds just in case I didnt hear the first time.

Dont get me wrong, Im glad youre finally really talking! But wow.

I just want to let you know that pretty soon Ill have my body back (and finally wont be in pain when I move) and I will be able to CATCH you, little girl! I wont be so exhausted, and Ill be able to get back into an exercising routine. This is your last month of freedom, then were back to the norm. Well, the norm with a new little baby brother added. 🙂

And youll love him, I promise. Maybe not at first itll be a shock to find that the world doesnt revolve around you anymore, but soon youll adjust and just be happy to have a playmate. All this will be worth it.

I love you, little girl. Im glad you have such a fun personality and a great sense of humor.


Im curious how has your toddler adjusted to life with a pregnant mommy either recently or in the past?