Dear EA Sports Active Personal Trainer… {Fitness Friday}

Dear EA Sports Active Personal Trainer,

Where to begin? I should start by saying that I really was happy to have you as my new personal trainer when I boughtEA Sports Active More Workouts for the Wii.

I especially love the fact that I can now control your voice volume and how often you talk. But youve been nice, and are not nearly as annoying as the Wii Fit trainer was. Thought you should know that. 😉

On to what Im really writing you about.

I know my performance hasnt been that great the last couple of weeks, and I wanted to explain. You, being on the other side of the screen exercising with a beautiful view of the ocean (oh, am I jealous), cant possibly understand what its like to try to complete your workouts when you have a two-year-old attached at the hip!

Dont get me wrong, sometimes she is super cute. Like when she mimics my movements and reaches her hands up high over her head, or kicks her leg out along with mine. Nothing cuter. But then, she decides she wants something to drink. And if I dont read her mind and respond within 15 seconds of her pweese?, she starts screaming. All focus gone, and I run in to get her something to drink. You probably think Im lounging on the couch, taking a break, eating bon-bons. Not true!

And when I try to do those awesomely effective ab exercises, what do you think she does? Straddle my stomach like Im just down there to entertain her. Do you know how hard it is to do sit ups with a kid sitting on you? I should get extra credit or something. Seriously!

Ive even had to do squats while holding her. And when I collapsed before I could complete the last two, I wanted to tell you, to defend myself. But there was no way!

So here I am. Begging for mercy. For some extra points, something!

Thats all.

Your Humble Trainee,

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