Currently Reading: A Sweetness to the Soul by Jane Kirkpatrick

A Sweetness to the Soul Jane Kirkpatrick

(Information taken from Based on historical characters and events, A Sweetness to the Soul recounts the captivating story of young, spirited Oregon pioneer Jane Herbert who at the age of twelve faces a tragedy that begins a life-long search for forgiveness and love. In the years that follow, young Jane finds herself involved in an unusual and touching romance with a dreamer sixteen years her senior, struggles to make peace with an emotionally distant mother, and fights to build a family of her own. Filled with heart-warming insight and glimpses of real-life pain, A Sweetness to the Soul paints a brilliant picture of love that conquers all obstacles and offers a powerful testimony to the miracle of Gods healing power.

I love Jane Kirkpatricks writing. She can make a time and place come alive with such real people that you think of them later fall in love with the characters. Her books are keepers! An added interest is that she lives in Oregon and many (possibly all?) of her books take place in Oregon.

So far, A Sweetness to the Soul is totally drawing me in. Jane Herbert is much younger than her future husband and its going back and forth, telling what happens to each as they grow up, before they meet each other. Another thing I appreciate about Jane Kirkpatrick is that she is real in her romance. You can only take so much silly unrealistic romance fiction. Janes stories read more like biographies, I love them!

Anyway, I highly recommend ANYTHING by Jane Kirkpatrick! 🙂