Crochet Goodness – Scarves! (Part 2)

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(See my Crochet Goodness Scarves! Part ONE post!)
Ive been crocheting madly in preparation for Christmas. Need some ideas? Here are some free patterns for scarves I found and would love to share with you.

Scarves, by the way, are AWESOME! They keep you toasty warm, totally finish an outfit (even I can look somewhat fashionable!), you can wear light ones in the summer, and use them as belts, too!

(Dont know how to crochet? Give it a try here is a tutorial I found for you. Seriously, its fun, addictive, and SO EASY!)

Some of these are Lionbrand patterns you have to sign up but its all free!

Click on the pictures to go to the free patterns!

Curly Scarf

Lovely mesh scarf (I love the glittery look they might be beads)

Ridged Scarf and Hat they look cozy!

Potato chip ruffles scarves! 😉
Neckwarmers rock!
These hooded scarves are really cute!
I love love love the lace fingerless gloves on the same page, too!
This is SO stylish, I have to make one!

Im loving this stitch for a scarf!

This would make an awesome belt, too!

I love the look of this Waikiki scarf!

That was fun! 🙂 Do you like to wear scarves? If so, how do you wear them?

Do you crochet and love to blog about it? Leave your blog URL in a comment here, Id love some more inspiration! And if you crochet any of these scarves and want to post a picture, feel free to leave the link here so I can see!

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