Creative Moms Blog Hop Information and MOVING to WordPress!

Hi guys!

Regarding Creative Mamas Monday now Creative Moms Blog Hop, Ive changed some things around, updated my banner, and created a button for you to put in your sidebar if youre interested! I would love to be able to spread the word about this blog hop I know there are crafty moms out there who would like to share their work. 🙂

Grab the button:
A Kindred Spirit's Thoughts
Grab the banner (for your post):
A Kindred Spirit's Thoughts

Even if you dont have the time to put up a blog post, I would love to hear in the comments of any creative endeavors you have. If youve tried a new recipe, sewed for the first time (or are a genius seamstress), or even your children have been doing fun and crafty things, feel free to share either in a comment or with a blog post!

Also, you can add posts you want to share that are not your own but might be something you are inspired to do whether you ever get around to it or not. 😉

Oh, and you do NOT have to be a mom.

Regarding my blog

Guess what? Im moving to WordPress and my own domain in January! Im excited about this move because Ill be able to change my layout around (improve it) and Ill have my own url! Its going to be What do you think? I had quite a time trying to decide what it should be this is something Im going to be typing a lot, and so will you, so I wanted to keep it simple. And Im not purely a review blog (though lately it seems like it, doesnt it? lol) Im a mom/personal blog, too. I wanted to move away from my present url for that reason.

A quick question: How do you feel about magazine themes versus simple themes like the one I have now (where the new blog posts are at the top).

One more question: Do you like my current header, A Kindred Spirits Thoughts or do you like Kindred Spirit Mommy?

Im curious about your take on the move, the design, the url, etc. You are, after all, the ones who have to navigate my blog! 🙂