Crazy Freestyle Christmas Cookie Decorating (With Kids!)

We really enjoyed making and decorating sugar cookies yesterday. 🙂

Dont they look yummy? I like to make my sugar cookies nice and fat (and soft), and add almond flavoring. My favorite way to eat a cookie! This frosting isnt anything special, just milk, powdered sugar, and food coloring. It was the actual decorating that was the focus, and the part Emma enjoyed the most.

(Like our little Christmas tree in the background?)

Anyway, I got to play around with some different decorating styles mostly though, it was throwing different colored blobs of frosting on the cookies. 😉

My favorite cookies are the ones with the swirl frosting:

It was surprisingly easy to do I just made the frostings a little bit runny and blended them together. Turned out gorgeous!

I think were going to have to share some of these maybe

Are you planning on making holiday cookies in December?

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