Crayola Marker Airbrush Set Review – Turn Markers into Spray Art!

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If youve been eyeing this new activity set from Crayola and wondering if it would be a good fit for your kids, read on for our take! Introducing Crayolas new Marker Airbrush Set, which claims to turn markers into spray art and produce cool airbrush effects onpaper, clothes and windows. Sounds like fun, right? Emma, like most 4-year-olds, loves to color with markers and paint, so this was right up her alley. And shooting paint out with a gun-like apparatus is definitely going to appeal to kids she was no exception. 😉 Well, lets find out what this baby does!

This is what you get when you open the box:

– 4 stencil sheets
– 4 fabric markers
– 8 pipsqueak mini markers
– 20 sheets of paper
– The pump and gun

To get started, you have to pump the handle 15-20 times.
Note that its a little too hard for Emma to do by herself.
(Shes 4 1/2 and the recommended age range is 6+.)
(I do like that this requires NO batteries!)

Next, you push the marker into the spray gun. (It has to snap in tight or it wont work.) Pull the trigger!

The effect (which we loved):

We did some free-hand spraying first, but then pulled out the stencils.

Isnt that awesome? I secretly want to play with this after my kids go to bed. 😉

Next we pulled out an old pair of Emmas jeans and used the fabric markers:

Think of all the possibilities! Shoes, t-shirts, notebooks, the kids furniture, toys, whatever!

I wish the set had come with window markers as well, we would have been going crazy on the windows in the house

Our Take:

First, the recommended age level for this is 6+. Emma is 4 1/2 and I found this set a bit too hard for her to play with by herself (although she LOVED it), so I think that age range is just right. She required my help on a few things, which I didnt mind at all because she had fun, but if you want your child to be able to do it independently then youd better stick with the recommended age level. But, if youre like me and want to try it for yourself and let your littles in on the fun, go for it! Emma had a total blast with this. 🙂

Cons: Im gonna mention the cons first. The amount of air that 15-20 pumps gets you is maybe 30 seconds worth. Then its time to pump again. For older kids this probably isnt too much of a problem because theyre having so much fun creating they wont mind the extra pumping. If theyre any younger than 7 youll have to help them by pumping it for them or it will get very frustrating, though. Which means it will soon become a chore for you be ready to devote some time to the project! Im not saying it isnt worth it because it is! But be prepared to help out. 🙂

I do wish the stencils had been plastic rather than stiff paper or whatever they are. They can peel if you arent careful and wont hold up as long as plastic would have. You can, of course, buy stencils along with the set that your child would like that are plastic but I liked the ones that came with the set and would have liked to have them last longer.

Pros: The biggest pro of this set is that is doesnt take any batteries. Theres nothing more frustrating than getting a cool present only to realize it takes batteries that arent included, or having your favorite toy run out of batteries. Not so with this! Its completely kid- (or mom-) powered.

Another cool pro is that any markers from the Crayola line work with the set! And you can use their specialized markers: the Window Markers, Fabric Markers, or regular Washable Markers.

Since the set doesnt require filling anything up with paint, theres virtually no mess to deal with (unless something gets sprayed that you didnt intend to be). When youre done you just pull out the marker and put the pump away the only cleaning required is the occasional wiping of the nozzle on the spray gun to keep it clear. AND I really like that since were using markers the paint dries immediately no waiting around for your art to dry!

Final Thoughts: Overall, we think this set is very worth owning and is a terrific gift idea! There are SO many cool things you can do with it! Dont let any cons I mentioned deter you from getting one its totally worth it. Recommended!

Want It?

I normally send people to Amazon to buy the products I recommend but its pretty pricey at Amazon right now. You can check it out if you want and see if the price has gone down here. It shouldnt be more than $19.99. At the time of this post, it IS on sale for $15.00 at Target (check here to see if its in stock locally for you)! Its also in stock at many Michaels Craft Stores, which often has coupons for 40% off an item so definitely look into that, too! And check out the Crayola Marker Airbrush set at to see where its in stock near you!

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