Confessions of a WAHM: Staying Sane

Ive held down a job as a medical transcriptionist working from home ever since Emma was born. I took a five-week break afterward so I could recuperate, but started working full time immediately after that.

When I look back, I wonder how I did it! A five-week -old baby and a job that required clocking in and out crazy!

I can tell you that it was very stressful and hard. I knew from the beginning that Emma was my priority and I would drop everything and go to her the minute she made a sound. I worked in the same room that her crib was in and just did my best.

Eventually I switched to part time, and now I work about eight hours a week. And you know, it doesnt matter how many hours I work, its still not easy. Babies and toddlers dont understand that mommy is working and cant play or cuddle all the time. Thankfully, my current job lets me work pretty much anytime, I just have to get the work back before the deadline. Its a really nice job, really. The doctors dictating are easy to listen to and understand, too. So thats a blessing.

I try to be thankful, as you can see. 😉

What really saves us is Emmas addiction to Winnie the Pooh right now, especially Piglets Big Movie on DVD. She loves it! Almost too much. The first thing she does in the morning when I bring her to the living room is look for the TV controller, pick it up and start pushing buttons, and say, Pooh? lol. Its really cute, actually. Even if I do say so myself.

Anyway, I put her in her pack n play and let her watch Pooh while I work an hour or two a day. Usually, that is. We finally made a WISE move and put my computer desk in our bedroom. Now I can get up early and get it done before she wakes up. SO much easier. I dont know why I didnt do it before. lol Well, I know why I didnt think we had room. And we dont. The dresser is in the middle of our room and totally in the way, but were going to try to move some things around this weekend and get a little more organized.

I was able to get some extra work done this afternoon/evening and my husband cleaned the kitchen and took the trash out! I was really relieved and am glad he is such a big help. He also helped entertain Emma. Though by the time I was finished she had macaroni and cheese all over her face and in her hair, so I had to throw her straight into the tub, LOL. Still, it felt good to get that done, and come out to a nice, clean kitchen. Supportive husbands rock. 🙂

Im really pretty happy with what I got accomplished this week. I might be able to stay sane after all! 😉

That’s what YOU think!

Are you a WAHM? How DO you stay sane and keep your kids entertained while youre working?

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