{Giveaway!} Chuggington: Brewster’s Little Helper on DVD

Chuggington: Brewsters Little Helper
Release Date: 2/14/12
Anchor Bay Entertainment

What Its About:

This release will have preschoolers honking their horns alongside their favorite trainees, Wilson, Brewster and Koko, through six energetic episodes. In the title episode, Zephie is determined to prove that she can pull her weight. After overhearing Brewsters tasks for the day, she tries to take care of them all, but winds up chugging headlong into trouble. When Zephie is unable to complete the chores correctly, she realizes she still has some growing up to do. And, with a little help from Brewster, everything gets back on track.

Each of the additional episodes Koko Takes Charge, Brewster Knows Best, Zephies Zoomaround, Nurse Wilson and Wilson And The Paint Wagon are filled with loads of fun and coupled with positive lessons for preschoolers such as patience, teamwork, responsibility, friendship, creative thinking and more.

Our Take:

Emma absolutely loves Chuggington, and these episodes didnt disappoint! One of our favorites is Nurse Wilson this is where we learn that there is an ambulance coach. The train cars have a little fun with the ambulance siren sound, and Dunbar loses his voice much to his consternation. Someone unexpected comes along and is a terrific nurse, though. 😉

The Trailer:

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Disclosure: The DVD above was provided to my family for us to keep in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I have given are 100% mine and were not influenced by the company or the free product provided.