Christmas, Shrinking Violets, and Pretty Dresses

We had a lovely Christmas. One of the most entertaining parts was watching Emma open presents. 😉 I couldnt help but laugh because every time someone handed her a present she would try to give it to me to unwrap for her. I would hand it back and have to show her how to rip it open, can you believe it? Suddenly she became shy about ripping up paper. Yeah, this is the child that rips up my books, doesnt hesitate to tear paper she finds to shreds for mere amusements sake, pop-up books last all of two seconds around her, but she turns all shrinking violet when someone hands her a gift and tells her to rip it open! lol

Who, me?

The dress shes wearing is gorgeous, isnt it? I won it from Kandy Kisses Boutique not too long ago. 🙂 Oh, and the flower clippie on her headband is one I made. If you want to make one
of your own, I posted a tutorial here!

And, because I should be in bed

Im signing off for now more later!

Until then, how was YOUR Christmas?


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