Christmas Craft (and Ornament!) Tutorial Roundup

Im overwhelmed by all the genius out there! I just have to share these amazing Christmas crafts that Im just dying to make

Disney from Ruffles and Stuff made this adorable cotton/felt Christmas tree complete with little ornaments for her daughters room! Its a wall hanging, and oh so cute!

Now check out this monster foot stocking from Crap Ive Made (not crap at all in my opinion!).

These cute little acorn mushroom ornaments from Lil Fish Studioes look so easy to make!

Family Fun has a tutorial on how to make a time capsule ornament! Wouldnt this be fun to do with your kids every year?

Heres a quick and easy chocolate mouse ornament even the smallest children can help with you might want to eat them after Christmas, though. 😉

Im loving this paper tree centerpiece from Red Velvet Art Blog!

Motley Moms repurposes old Christmas cards into photo ornaments what a great idea!

Arent these little paper gift boxes cute? Find out how to make them at Create Studio!

Make a really delicious-looking gingerbread man (hee hee) pattern can be found at the Elsie Marley blog. 🙂

Small Fry and Co. (very worth following her wonderful blog!) has one of the best Christmas advent calendars Ive seen its a tree with numbered ornament containers. Each day her little one gets to open and ornament and get a treat! Im so doing this next year. I think it would be a wonderful tradition! Im thinking about how I can add little treats that would be fun and keep the focus on what Christmas is really all about Christs birth. 🙂

Next up: ChristmasPrintables!

ShareYour Thoughts!

Have you made any Christmas ornaments or decorations you would like to share with us? Im always looking for new inspiration!

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