Calico Critters Playset Review: Margaret & Halley’s Dress Shop

Ive been enamored with Calico Critters playsets ever since I first discovered them online. These fuzzy animal families feature moveable limbs, intricately detailed accessories, and a sweet background story that encourages imaginative play. Thanks to International Playthings, we now have our first playset in a collection that I hope will expand through the years! Margaret and Halleys Dress Shop includes Mother Margaret, Baby Halley (isnt she adorable?), a fancy dress (and matching hat!) for each, the two dress forms, a handbag, hand mirror, two headbands, a portrait, and a baby toy for little Halley.

Our Thoughts: We love this playset! It is so nicely made and is very durable, something I was worried about considering the fact that my 3-year-old plays with it. I think that the fact that the dolls have poseable arms and legs really adds to the fun, and I love that you can change their clothing and have them wear the headband and necklace. I can see how easily these sets can become addictive with the characters being so loveable!

Some of the other play sets available from the Calico Critters line:

How can you look at those sweet faces and not want to collect them ALL? I certainly do!

Want It?

You can purchase Margaret and Halleys Dress Shop Playset from Growing Tree Toys.

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