BUGS by Mister G (Children’s Music Review)

Emma absolutely loves music, so Im constantly on the lookout for new childrens music. Sometimes I go for silly songs and sometimes more educational I like to have a good variety.

Our latest find is BUGS by Mister G, a fun-filled silly song fest with humorous songs for kids about having pizza for breakfast, brothers and sisters, friends, sharks in the bathtub, and (of course) bugs!

Emma, my 3-year-old daughter, is a definite fan of this album. Bugs is our special favorite, but we enjoy all of the songs. What child doesnt like to sing about snow days and the merits of grilled cheese? The tunes are catchy and most of them are upbeat enough that Emma likes to dance and sing along with them. Bugs is the most fun for us because weve been studying bugs for preschool. I love to tease Emma that she has bugs in her shoes and hair like Mister G says, and she laughs at my silliness and tries to tell me there are bugs in my hair. A couple of the songs are bilingual, like Cocodrilo (Crocodile) and Vamos a la Playa. The shortest song is called (surprise, surprise) The Shortest Song and is only about 20 seconds long. I have a feeling that that one really gets some laughs when he sings live!

Speaking of which, you have to watch this video of Mister G. singing and playing guitar to a group of children in Guatamala:

He has a great energy that kids just love to listen to! I found the Bugs on YOU, bugs on ME lyrics great for teaching Emma the difference between the me and you, too. Thats a tough concept to teach for the first time. 🙂

You can listen to samples of these songs and buy the songs on CD or MP3 files here.

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I received a copy of the CD Bugs so I could share my thoughts on it here. All opinions are 100% mine!