Children’s Book Review: Brownie Groundhog and the February Fox

Brownie Groundhog and the February Fox
Written by Susan Blackaby, Illustrated by Carmen Segovia
Hardcover, Sterling Publishing, January 2011
Recommended for ages 4-8

This book will give you and your child hope that spring is coming again!

Brownie Groundhog and the February Fox is a story of both the passing of winter and the coming of spring, and stars two of the most delightful animal characters Ive come across in awhile!

Happy Groundhog Day! But when Brownie steps outside, theres not even the slightest sign of spring-just her shadow, a frosty field, and a hungry fox who wants to munch her for lunch. Determined not to become a meal, Brownie finds a clever and tasty way to melt the ice and turn Fox into a friendand make the wait for winters end a little warmer.

I had no idea groundhogs were as perceptive as Brownie is in this book or maybe shes just one of the smarter ones. I probably shouldnt be judging intelligence by appearance, though. 😉 Emma and I were entertained throughout the whole book with the ways Brownie found to put off the foxs hunger for Groundhog Souffle (like telling him that it was too late for lunch, hed have to wait until dinnertime), and not only did she avoid being eaten, she managed to get some things done that would spur along spring thaw!

I enjoyed pointing out to my little girl (3) the first signs of spring as we read, like the melting snow and the spring birds appearing in the trees. Since we dont live in a place that gets a lot of snow (I think there was one day it snowed and it didnt stick at all), its a great learning experience for her. The story kept her interested the whole time, too I was surprised because shes still very young and usually doesnt sit through an entire reading. But this one she stayed on my lap the entire time for. It makes mommy very happy!

The illustrations are bright, detailed, and fun to look at both my daughter and I loved them!

Our rating: 5/5 A keeper!

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