7 Cool Things You Can Do with Broken Crayons

First, and one of my favorite ideas sort the crayons by color, then melt them in a homemade double boiler

Pour the melted crayon into molds (we used a chocolate mold)

Let it cool completely, then when it slides out easily youve got cute shaped crayons!

Heres the horse head mold we used!

Heres another idea from momtastic use pill bottles to make rainbow crayons!

Make a crayon candle! Tutorial at No Time For Flashcards.

This is a really popular one around the blogosphere melted crayon canvas art!

Remember my melted crayon dot art poster? Both kids love to touch and trace the letters and numbers. 🙂

Melted crayon suncatchers cool idea from The Artful Parent.

Decorate Easter eggs with melted crayon (SO doing this in a month!).

Are you inspired to try one of these?