Bra Barrette Review

Have you ever felt uncomfortable or embarrassed because your bra straps are slipping, slipping, slipping from where they are supposed to be on your shoulders? Ive been there, like most women. But no more! Check out the Bra Barrette, an ultra fashionable solution to unruly bra straps!

Bra Barrettes can be used to improve the look of virtually any top youre wearing, including swimsuits and evening wear!

How-to video:

My Thoughts:

I love this accessory and definitely think its something every woman should have in her wardrobe. Each barrette is made of a flexible, durable plastic and is comfortable to wear. And yes, it is super easy to put on yourself! There are a wide variety of barrettes to choose from ranging from plain to bejeweled and charmed.

Another thing I love? They have affordable options (from $3.99) as well as more expensive options (think gorgeous Swarovski crystals!) that are perfect for evening wear or even just a little something to jazz up your outfit. No matter which barrette you choose, it will be a huge relief knowing you wont have to be adjusting your straps in public it makes life with the cursed bra just a little bit easier! 😉

Buy it!

Check out their sale area and their Style Packs. Enjoy!

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