Boutique NRF NY Review and Interview

If youve been following my blog, youve probably seen my Boutique NRF NY giveaway post and have therefore already been drooling over the lovely and whimsical dresses you found there! If youre not following my blog well, youre missing out! 🙂 But back to the boutique.

Boutique NRF NY features a stunning array of applique dresses, without a doubt some of the most attractive designs Ive come across. The genius behind these designs is Alev, New York designer extraordinaire and mommy to one little girl she works on these treasures morning to night (literally!). She also has a wonderful blog, one that I recommend you follow. Im always oohing and aahing over her new designs there!

Alev graciously agreed to send me a size 12-18 months dress for Emma to review, and also took the time to answer my grueling interview questions. Thank you, Alev! 🙂

Well start with the review (photo-heavy):

Alev made this dress especially for Emma. I sent her Emmas measurements, including where I wanted the hem of the dress to be (length of the dress) as well as my color preferences, and Alev sent me this! I could hardly contain myself when I received it in the mail isnt it gorgeous?

And look at this applique work so detailed and neatly done!

I found this dress to fit Emma perfectly. It is exceptionally well-made, and I can tell its comfortable as well (mommies know these things no screaming fits when I come at her with the dress, lol). She also loves the bright colors and patterns.
Im loving Alevs natural flair for putting fabrics together and making them look fabulous!

As you can see, it fits well and falls just right.
Comfortable enough to play in, cute enough to be worn anywhere, for any occasion!

I give Boutique NRF NY and this dress 10 out of 10 stars! Im absolutely in love with Alevs whimsical designs and will definitely be buying from her in the future.

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And now, get to know Alev of Boutique NRF NY!

Can you introduce yourself, tell us a little bit about yourself and your family?

My name is Alev (it means Flame in Turkish). I was born in Turkey. I grew up in Istanbul. I have been living in NY since 1997 . I graduated from collage in 1992 with a four-year Textile Engineering degree. Met my husband here. We have been married for 11 years with one beautiful daughter.

I love love LOVE your beautiful dresses and tops! What inspires you?

Thank You. =) It is really hard to pin point. It all depends on my mood, prints, weather, even a beautiful kid! I think what would look marvelous on this girl/boy?

When did you first learn to sew, and how you find time to sew?

I have been around fabrics since college. Right after I worked in many different companies. One year I even worked on the JC Penny toddler line. I was always interested in designing so I came to NY to attend a new college (Parsons School of Design). Since than I have been sewing. I do enjoy working on new patterns and coming up with new, fresh and funky cuts. As far as the time goes I look at it like any other job. I do put long hours to my business. Since my business is located in my home I dont have a 9 to 5 job. It is more like 7 am to midnight!

Do you have a day job or other hobbies that keep you busy?

This is my job. It comes right after my family. I do take it very seriously and I do hope it shows. =) I have been working on my retail line for a while, too. When I have time, I do enjoy Broadway shows, concerts and everything else NY offers.

Tell us how you got started selling your designs, and about any honors or accomplishments you are proud of!

Right after college I did come up with my own woman clothing line in Istanbul and some of my pieces were sold in Boutiques! That I am very proud of. At that time I was responsible for designs and fabrics. Everything else was done in factories. Right after I became a mother I started my kid line on Ebay. Now I do sell them on Etsy (I love my Etsy Store). One of my designs was published in an online fashion magazine. And of course I am proud of all my designs purchased and love by my customers.

Do you have any favorite designs in your shop?

I love all my applique work but in my heart I love my signature flirty tops!

One of Alevs Signature Flirty Tops

Tell us one little-known or interesting fact about you. 🙂

Hmm! That is a hard one since I am an open book. =) Long long time ago I did a modeling work for a company and my picture was published on the front page of few newspapers!!!

Anything else you want to add or say to our readers?

I would love to say Thank You to everybody who took a little time to get to know me. And I hope they will come back visit my stores and give one of my pieces a try! 😉

Thank you sooo much for sharing this post! 🙂


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