Body After Baby – What Happened To YOURS?

Hormones and pregnancy. Everyone knows that while youre pregnant your body changes big time what with hormones and a growing baby. Your stomach stretches to impossibly large proportions, your hair gets thicker, your digestion slows causing constipation and heartburn, your chest gets larger, your bladder gets smaller (okay, that I made up), and you probably have stretch marks somewhere (or everywhere).

Its been four weeks (and two days, but whos counting?) since my sweet little bundle of joy was born, and, even though Ive experienced all of this before, Im surprised again by the crazy changes to my body in so short a time.

I lost sooo much weight right away (though I still have more to lose) it was so nice to see a shape again! I mean a girly shape. lol After feeling like a giant beach ball for so long, its nice to feel like a girl again. 🙂 And I had gained almost 50 pounds with this pregnancy and felt really bad about it. But I dont think itll be too hard to lose what I need to its keeping it off thats hard!

My skin is improving now but a couple days after Isaac was born I started breaking out like a teenager it was awful! My skin still isnt looking great but its much better. I also break out in hives on my face when Im stressed which is a total pain Ive had them quite a bit since Isaac was born. But the real problem is the ever-present dark circles that makeup isnt hiding. I look tired all the time!

Oh wait, thats because I am. 🙂

My hair. This probably bothers me the most right now because I have to re-learn how to make it look good. While I was pregnant my hair was thick and easily styled all I had to do was blow dry it, it was so nice! Immediately (and I mean the DAY) after Isaac was born my hair just went limp again. Like normal. When I blow dry it now it looks like I have some body for about 5 minutes and then it all goes limp and curly again. *sigh* Oh well, it was nice while it lasted! And Im actually lucky so far because no hair has fallen out. After Jaedyn was born I had hair falling out of my head everywhere, I was actually worried I might go bald my hair got SO thin. I mean, it was thin before! But I didnt go bald. Thankfully. 😉

The rest of my body. Well, I do have some issues that I dont want to go into here regarding what happened to my body after going through childbirth twice. I think every woman has something to deal with after giving birth twice (or more).

Im not complaining at all everything Ive been through and continue to go through after carrying a baby and giving birth is completely worth it. I dont know anyone who doesnt feel childbirth was worth the pain and change (even permanent) to their body we love our children!

So tell me, what happened to your body after baby?