Blog Hop & Photo Tutorial: Make Your Own EASY Christmas Tags/Ornaments (and have a blast doing it!)

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I come by the craft addiction honestly my mom is very creative! Shes the one who taught me not to be afraid to try something new. So what did she do? She created a monster! Im always jumping around from craft to craft, having way too much fun, making way too many messes, and filling the house with various craft materials. Oh, and I have the horrible inability to throw anything away without stopping for a moment and thinking, What could I make from this?. More often than not, it goes into my closet never to be seen again
Enough of that, though. 😉 Today my mom was nice enough to send me some photos of what shes been working on: Fancy Christmas Tags/Ornaments! This project is easy and so much fun a wonderful project to do with the kids. You cant make any mistakes. 🙂

Lets start with supplies! You can find everything you need at Michaels (they have 40% off coupons all the time if you sign up for their newsletters!) or Joann Fabrics (coupons here too!) including:

Circle punch
Stamps (mom got 3-packs at Michaels)
Emery board
Pretty scrapbook paper
All different kinds of yarns and ribbon

1. Cut circles from the scrapbook paper with the circle punch.

2. Stamp the images you want on the circles.

3. Using an emery board, smooth the edges of the circle.

4. Raid your yarn/ribbon stash and have some fun!

Some of them are double-sided. Dont you think they would look lovely on a Christmas tree?

You could really do anything with this glue special photos on them, cut words and phrases you like out of old books, etc. And you can even scrapbook them afterward as a special Christmas remembrance!


Do you have any craft tutorials or crafty posts to share? What projects are you working on or planning on working on? Are you making your own Christmas presents?

Leave a comment letting me know what youre up to or share a link to a crafty/creative post in a comment! It can be anything you want to share a recipe, a craft, anything that you deem creative.

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