Emma’s Big Girl Bed

I FINALLY got around to taking the railing off of Emmas crib. My good-natured little girl has been climbing in and out of her crib like a monkey for a year now! I put off doing it because I thought we would keep the crib up for Isaac and set up a separate toddler bed for Emma, but it never did work out that way. So yesterday I grabbed the screwdriver and got it done. 🙂

Emma is soooo pleased with her big girl bed. She was so excited about it last night, she actually went to bed early! That really made me laugh. She also had a brand new toddler bed set that someone from church gave us. Its really cute and I loved that the flat sheet had a fitted sheet type bottom so that it cant be pulled out of place (why arent our sheets that way???).

I think Emma even slept better than usual for once she stayed in bed until 7:30 instead of running into my room at 6:30 or 7:00! Nice. And then this morning I showed her how to make her own bed.

Just one more step away from babyhood. 🙂

How old was your child when you moved from crib to big girl or boy bed?