{2011 Holiday Gift Guide GIVEAWAY!} Betty Lukens Felt Activity/Quiet Books

Felt Activity/Quiet Books at Betty Lukens!

Ive always wanted a quiet book for my daughter, something she can play with while waiting in the doctors office, at church, or during any times we need quiet. Ive seen them for sale at a few different places but theyve always cost much more than I want to pay but now Im happy to say that Ive found a great deal on activity books at Betty Lukens! Each of these books is only $14.95 (that includes the book itself and all of the pieces youll need). Emma is demonstrating what the Basic Learning Skills Activity Book is like here:

This page has moveable clock hands and shapes that can be placed in the correct place with the days of the week written on them in order.

Next we have the calendar pages with felt pieces that go along with each season/occasion.

Next, the animals in a field!

This one helps with shapes and colors. The crayons go on corresponding colors and there are labeled shapes that go on shapes around the town. The last page I didnt get a picture of but its a set of opposites, like a rabbit inside a box and a rabbit outside of the box.

And now, this is what surprised me I had to cut all of the pages and shapes out myself!

What you get when you order is a kit for an activity book. This is a great way to do it because it keeps costs down and also gets you and your kids involved in making the book theyre going to play with! I enjoyed making this book for my daughter, and think the design is well thought-out. Pages are glued to each other, leaving a pocket inside for the felt pieces that belong to that particular page. The yarn is included as well so that you can tie your pages together when youre finished.

Im loving the products found at Betty Lukens! The felt is high quality, the colors vibrant, and the materials long-lasting. They have a large variety of themes, too, including Bible, dress-up, fairy tales, animals, and more!

Also check out their flannel boards and felt pieces!

Kids of all ages! These are fun and educational!


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