Top Toddler & Preschooler Reads: Mommy and Daddy

The following books came to me for review from Abrams Books for Young Readers, a publishing company I am thrilled to be working with to bring you the very best in childrens books!

They really do have the nicest books my daughter and I have loved everything theyve sent us. The illustrations, content, and quality of the books is superb. I recommend checking out their online catalog if you have a moment just be warned that youll find much to add to your wishlist! 🙂

Now check out these fantastic books, reads that will warm your heart and cause you to keep them at the top of your childs book pile:

Just Like Mama
Written by Leslea Newman & Illustrated by Julia Gorton
Rating: (5/5)

With a whirl and a twirl across the fuzzy purple rug, she swoops down on my bed and scoops me up into a hug. Nobody wakes me up just like mama.

Just Like Mama is officially my favorite mommy/daughter childrens book. It is so much fun to read out loud, and my two-year-old daughter absolutely loves it. She wasnt even really interested in reading until I started reading this book to her, and now its one of her favorites that she pulls out for me to read every night. The artwork is just gorgeous vivid and cheerful, the type of art you would like to put on your childs wall. The text spreads across each page in a fun, curly font I love.

Just Like Mama will remind mommies and their little girls to appreciate every moment together, and to take time for more of those special moments. A warning, though: Your little girl might invite you to special tea parties, beg you to braid her hair, and ask for moon-shaped pancakes after reading it. 😉 What could be more fun?

This is a book celebrating the love between mothers and daughters, one that will inspire and delight! It is recommended for ages 4 8, but my daughter is 2 years old and, as I said above, loves it! So I think that much younger and older will enjoy it. This is a top recommendation!

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Buy it at Abrams Books for Young Readers

Because I Am Your Daddy
Written by Sherry North
Illustrated by Marcellus Hall
Rating: (5/5)

Because I am Your Daddy is a sweet addition to Because You Are My Baby, written in a loving mommys voice to her baby.

In this book, this daddy is telling his little girl how much he loves her. If he were a drummer, she would ride his shoulders as he led a marching band. If he were a surfer, he would take her on his board on the waves.

If I were a pilot, I would fly you to your school. Your friends would all look up and say, Your daddy is so cool!

The illustrations are precious! They remind me of the old-fashioned illustrations in books I grew up with like Danny and the Dinosaur I absolutely love the way the people look! The cover art doesnt really represent the artwork inside adequately, everything is very detailed and definitely appeals to children.

The story is very sweet and ends with Because I am your daddy, I would do anything for you!. Its a great choice if you want to find some books that your little one and her daddy can read together its sure to be a favorite!

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Buy it at Abrams Books for Young Readers

I would like to give a special thanks to MaryAnn from Abrams Books for sending me the books reviewed so that I could share my thoughts on them with you!