Belly 9 – Hip & FUN Maternity Tees {Review}

My last pregnancy, I looked everywhere in all of the closest malls and department stores for fun, humorous tees that would tell the world I was pregnant (like it wasnt obvious) and make others smile. I couldnt find anything it was just sad. I swore that if I ever got pregnant again I would have CUTE clothes to wear.

Well, guess what? Im pregnant again, and this will likely be my last pregnancy (thats the plan anyway). And you know what? I have kept my promise to myself and made sure I have fun maternity tops!

Check me out (please ignore the I have morning sickness and want to die grimace):

This adorable (and totally appropriate) tank top is from Belly 9, one of my new favorite online maternity tee stores! And this isnt all they have here are some more coveted maternity designs:

I really like that question mark maternity top pregnant moms get asked NONSTOP if we know what it is. I would love to just point to the question mark and save myself explaining for the millionth time. 😉

Belly9 also carries post-maternity and baby clothing!

A Moms Review:

The Second Baby 02 tank top that I received for review thanks to Belly 9 is available as a long-sleeved shirt (I need one for the cold months!), as well as a tank top and you can purchase First Baby and Third Baby designs!

One of my nightmares when it comes to shopping for clothing online is knowing what size to pick. I seem to be one of those people who is in between sizes and sometimes wears a small and sometimes wears a medium. Well, Belly9 saved me some trouble because this tee comes in one size fits all! Dont ask me how it works, it just does it fits me nicely! And because I know Ill be growing to an immense size, its comforting to know that this tee will be able to be worn throughout my pregnancy. Its long so I know it will cover my belly for a long time.

The only thing I dont love is that it is hard to keep my bra straps hidden, but I think that if I had the right kind of bra that wouldnt be a problem.

Final Thoughts: This sleeveless tee is super comfortable, soft, and very well-made. Ive had it for two months now and washed it about 10 times, and it hasnt faded or come apart at all! Im very happy with the quality and the fit, and can recommend Belly9 without hesitation!

Buy it!

You can purchase the Belly 9 Ribbed Sleeveless Tee for $25.00. I think this is a great price for a cute design and a tee that can be worn throughout your pregnancy! You can also purchase it as a long-sleeved tee for $36.00.

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