Bedtime Woes, Singing Babies, and Anniversary Gifts (Today’s Random Thoughts)

Prepare for randomness. 🙂

Were having bedtime woes lately. Emma has suddenly become a maaaaaster at making up excuses to come out of her room after Ive tucked her in for the night. The door opens, she needs to go potty. Oookay, go for it, chickie! She needs one last kiss and hug before going back to sleep. Can I tuck her in again? I tuck her in, tell them both to go to sleep. Two minutes later the door opens. She sees a MONSTER in her room! I really think this is a ruse, something she learned she could do through a childrens book or something because she has a slight smile behind her eyes when she tells me about the glowing eyes on her ceiling, and shes aaawfully cheery when she bounces back into bed. Three minutes later the door flies open again and she informs me she needs to go to the bathroom again. Big sigh but of course (and she really does go, I think she saves it). Back to bed and mommy hoping that the door wont open again

The problem is shes SO darn cute she says the funniest things and she stays so cheerful! I have a hard time being very firm with her about this. And its not like I can tell her she cant get out of bed to go to the bathroom. *sigh* Four-year-olds are too darn smart.

Hm, next thought. I dont get out of this house as much as Id like (were a one-car family at the moment) but I try not to let that get me down. Every weekend we attempt to go somewhere fun or do something out of the ordinary and that saves my sanity. I have a list of things I want to do this summer like go to the beach, the zoo, and hike to a local waterfall. Until we get to these things, the welcome arrival of summer and beautiful warm weather has also really given us a lift we are outside soaking up the sun on every nice day! Thank God for a nice big yard with plenty of room to run. 🙂

Are you a fan of classic movies? My favorite movies are from the 40s and 50s and feature stars like Jean Arthur, Cary Grant, Deanna Durbin, James Stewart, and many more. This week we watched Three Smart Girls with Deanna Durbin it was a favorite when I was a kid and has all the same charm I remember. In it three sisters travel across the ocean to stop their father (who is divorced from their mother) from getting remarried. Its operation get-the-family-back-together! Its a sweet movie with lots of romance and humor. Deanna was an amazing singer and has a few singing numbers in this movie. Isaac surprised me and had me laughing when he started singing along with her in a fake falsetto voice. Future Josh Groban? Ha!

It was our wedding anniversary (9 years!) last weekend and John brought me home a beautiful orchid! I mentioned that I have been wanting one for years a few weeks ago here maybe my husband does read my blog? 😉 He also brought me my absolute favorite chocolate Ghirardelli dark, yum! I really love dark chocolate, if you know of another kind I should try I will!

What randomness has been going on in your house?