Battling With Myself

Me: You are up waaay too late.
Me: But its Friday night
Me: But youre very tired. And you know the baby is going to wake up crying as soon as your head hits the pillow.
Me: But it was worth having all of this ALONE time. Remember? Remember when you had alone time?
Me: Yes, it was wonderful. And boring. You should sleep while you have the chance.
Me: True. It was boring. I loooove my kids to pieces. I know I should sleep, but I want to have fun, too.
Me: Is it fun feeling like a zombie during the day because you stayed up too late?
Me: Are you my mother? Do you deny me a few hours at night to do whatever I want for awhile? My brain is actually waking up! I didnt know I still had a brain!
Me: Youre still being stupid, regardless. Go to sleep.
Me: Oh, fine. Bossy.

(Does this ever happen to you? What do you do when you have alone time?)