Bambooya Bamboo Flowers Tote and Twist Cloths Review

Its time for a review of the wonderful Twist Bamboo Cloths and Bamboo and Linen Flowers Tote! Thanks to Bambooya for giving me the opportunity to review these great products!

Twist Bamboo Cloths Review:

These cloths are made of 82% bamboo fiber and 18% corn. They are a very interesting texture they actually feel like a heavier and softer version of paper towels theyre that light! The difference is that theyre cloth (obviously) and so much stronger. I even tested it by trying to tear it apart (yes, I tried to use my powers of destruction). They dont tear apart, no worries. 😉

Im fascinated by this cloth. First of all, I love that its primarily made of bamboo, which is known for being antibacterial, odor-resistant, super absorbent, and 100% biodegradeable can you think of anything better to use in your kitchen, bathroom, anywhere in the house?

Before I came across Twist Bamboo Cloths, I didnt think anything would make me want to stop using paper towels, but Im really very tempted to buy more of these and start using them around the house! You can use them for dusting, washing, drying, polishing pretty much anything you can think of. AND theyre machine-washable! I think Im going to give one of these to my husband to use on the vehicle windows (hes a little obsessed with keeping the windshield clean).

They come in packs of three
Im going to cut one of them up into smaller cloths, too.

These inspired cloths are getting 5 out of 5 stars for me, I LOVE THEM! Thanks to Bambooya for letting me review them and getting me hooked!

Bamboo and Linen Flowers Tote Review:

Nothing like a light and smooth-textured tote, right? This bamboo and linen tote is perfect for carrying groceries, baby items, as an overnight bag, beach bag, gym bag, whatever you can think of! Made of 45% bamboo and 55% linen, these totes are the ultimate reusable alternative to the dreaded plastic bag!

Responsibly Made in China under Envirosaxs fair labor guidelines. NO child labor.


Each bag weighs just 2.14 oz.

Long handles for carrying over your shoulder

Made of 45% bamboo / 55% linen blend

Holds the equivalent of two supermarket plastic bags

Reinforced seams for added strength

Includes separate, compact storage pouch

Find out more about the benefits of bamboo fabric here: Whats So Special About Bamboo?

About Bambooya:

Bambooya is a company that is dedicated to showing us how we can bring the wonder of bamboo into all areas of our lives they carry everything natural and bamboo-focused, from bamboo-infused soy candles and bamboo tea strainers for the home and kitchen to bamboo cloth wipes for baby and bamboo socks for adults. They also have gifts galore and even an area just for men (for those men in our lives who have everything or are just plain picky). There is something for everyone at Bambooya!

Thank you sooo much for sharing this post! 🙂