Back To The Garden – Music Set to Poetry (Giveaway Closed)

Musician/composer Ted Jacobs is dedicated to presenting exquisite acoustic musical settings of the worlds most beloved poetry, and it is with tremendous pride that he announces the September 20 release of his third studio CD, Back to the Garden, a collection of songs based on poems from Robert Louis Stevensons A Childs Garden of Verses.

Back to the Garden is a collection of some of the most beautifully composed songs Ive ever heard! Some are peaceful and sweet, others make you want to get up and dance a jig. The lyrics, of course, are wonderful, being the poetry of Robert Louis Stevenson. Youll hear instruments like the fiddle, mandolin, pipes, and penny whistles music that would have been heard in the olden days, cheerful and meaningful. The talented voices of different men and women, and even children bring the poetry to life. Listening to this CD is a very moving experience!

Our Thoughts:

Back to the Garden is a delight! As a lover of classic books, olden times, and childrens poetry, Im in heaven while listening to this CD. It really makes me want to don a twirly old-fashioned dress and start dancing. Emma loves all things music and truly appreciates this CD as well. Ive been wanting her to memorize short poems and am happy to have her singing the lyrics that are truly Robert Louis Stevensons poems. I highly recommend this CD and think it would make a wonderful gift!

Listen to samples of each song here!

Where to Buy

You can purchase this music at, iTunes, or at House at the Corner Music.

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I received a review copy of the CD reviewed above so that I could share my thoughts on it with you. All opinions are 100% mine. 🙂 My Amazon affiliate link can be found in this post.