Baby Steps to Going Green and Organic

What do you think about going green? Are you feeling the pressure, like I am? The way the other mom bloggers are glancing covertly at each other and whispering about the mom blogger who uses *gulp* bleach in her home? With kids in the house? *gasp*

Okay, (LOL) that was a total joke. But truly, it seems that everywhere I look around the blogosphere, in the supermarkets, in magazines, were being shown how to go greener. I have to admit Ive been skeptical. I mean, Ive heard of people going completely paranoid (no one take offense until I finish my thought! lol) and using all natural products, going vegetarian and totally organic, not using a microwave, etc and then they end up with cancer anyway. So sad. Anyway, that made me wonder if it is really worth all the work and money it takes to go completely green and organic.

Now that I have my own little girl, its strange how my thought process is changing. And how much more I actually think about what Im putting into my familys mouths and what Im cleaning the house with (Ill tell you, I HATE the smell of bleach it is nasty). I have to admit that its overwhelming overall, but if you take going green one baby step at a time, its completely doable. And I truly believe its worth doing. The truth is that there is an epidemic amount of cancer now and so many sicknesses due to our environment, foods we eat, things we use and are around. And you know what? Its actually very rewarding to be doing something good for your family and your environment, even if its just the environment inside your home.

Here are the ways were going to be going greener in our home (our first baby step):

Rice milk or Organic milk for the baby (Im going to start with rice milk until shes a year, then let her first taste of cows milk be organic).

Im going to buy the following ingredients and start cleaning our house with them:

– Baking Soda
– Tea Tree Oil (I hear it cleans mold, wow)

– Distilled White Vinegar

– Peroxide
– Borax

– Lemon Juice

(I found a wonderful article on combining these cleaners to clean windows, toilets, floors, and more at 5 Minutes for Going Green.)

Im going to start using reusable dryer balls (also recommended by 5 Minutes for Going Green).

Another great reason to go greener in the way you clean house? Itll save you money!

Share Your Thoughts

Have you gone green in any small ways? Have you ever felt skeptical about it?

Stay tuned! Im going to have an interview with a green mommy coming up soon! If you have any questions you can think of about going green, please leave them in the comments here and Ill include them in the interview!