Baby Einstein Discovery Kits {World of Colors Discovery Kit Review}

Ive loved Baby Einsteins learning DVDs for babies and toddlers ever since I was first introduced to them. Why? Because my daughter loves them and still does at almost 3! The DVDs are designed especially for parents and their little ones to watch together, to be used as an interactive learning tool. In the same way you read a board book with your baby, pointing out colors and shapes and things as you go, your child gets the same experience with a DVD. What I especially love about them is the classical music accompanying each DVD my daughter already appreciates all kinds of classical music because of this!

World of Colors Discovery Kit Our Thoughts

I recently received one of the new Discovery Kits for review (World of Colors as shown on the left). Each discovery kit includes a DVD, board book or discovery cards, and a music CD, and is very affordable at $19.99. I honestly wasnt sure Emma, at 2 1/2, would still have any interest in Baby Einstein DVDs, but was delighted to find that she was just as taken with World of Colors as she was as a baby with Baby Bach and Baby Beethoven two of the first DVDs she ever watched. I guess kids never really get tired of puppet shows, music, and seeing other kids. Emma laughed out loud at the puppet antics, danced along with the classical music, and watched with great interest everything the children and animals did in the DVD. Like I said, I was pleasantly surprised to find her so riveted.

The book she wasnt quite so riveted to. Its a small book, easy for a child to hold for him/herself, and this particular one is full of Van Gogh paintings. Not exactly interesting for a toddler. I do like the way they set the book up, though. Each page spread focuses on a color in the painting and there are questions you can ask your child like, Where can you see the color red in this painting? Can you find all of the sailboats? Emma wasnt able to focus on the book, though she preferred the DVD. I do, however, think that if this had been the Wild Animal Safari Discovery Kit (with animals being the focus), she would have been all over it. It really depends on the childs interest at the time.

The Discovery Kits

There are three levels of Discovery Kits with two different kit themes in each level (and more on the way!):

Level 1: Experience

  • Baby Beethoven Discovery Kit DVD, Book, Music CD, Parents Guide
  • Baby Mozart Discovery Kit DVD, Book, Music CD, Parents Guide

Level 2: Explore

  • Wild Animal Safari Discovery Kit DVD, Discovery Cards, Music CD, and Parents Guide
  • Animals Around Me Discovery Kit DVD, Discovery Cards, Music CD, and Parents Guide

Level 3: Expression

  • World of Colors Discovery Kit DVD, Book, Music CD, Parents Guide
  • World of Words Discovery Kit DVD, Book, Music CD, Parents Guide

Learn more about each discovery kit and how it works here at!

Watch it in Action:

Final Thoughts & Recommendations:

As a parent, I appreciate the way Baby Einstein DVDs help reinforce colors, animals, and words in her mind while at the same time exposing her to the best of classical music (and art!). The Baby Van Gogh World of Colors DVD we now own has a terrific selection of music including selections by Bizet, Strauss, Grieg, Tchaikovsky, and much more. There are 20 musical selections in this DVD alone, and I love that they give you a CD with all of the music on it so you can listen to it in the car or on-the-go as well!

Baby Van Gogh focuses on colors and so in the DVD it would show YELLOW and then scenes with music would follow. For instance, yellow chicks, a field of yellow flowers, etc. Emma totally understood that she was looking for colors and would name each thing and the color as she was watching it was a lot of fun for her!

I highly recommend Baby Einstein products and these Discovery Kits theyre wonderful to have on hand for your baby as he or she is growing, and make awesome baby shower gifts as well!

Want One?

The price is really the best thing about these Discovery Kits. They retail for only $19.99 a total steal for a DVD that will be enjoyed over and over, a music CD to listen to, and a book or discovery cards! These are definitely worth collecting. You can buy them on here!

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I would like to thank Baby Einstein for sending me a Discovery Kit free of charge in order that I might share my experiences with it. This post is 100% my own opinion, thoughts, and experiences, and was not edited or reviewed by anyone. I do not feel obligated to write a positive review Ill always share my honest thoughts on products.