Baby Einstein Count and Discover Treasure Chest (Our Thoughts & Action Shots!)

One of Baby Einsteins newest baby/toddler toys (recommended for ages 6 months and older) is the Count and Discover Treasure Chest, a musical piggy bank type playset. Isnt it cute? I love the buried treasure theme and the vivid colors!

When Emma was a baby, she absolutely loved putting coins in my glass bank, but obviously it wasnt something I could let her play with unsupervised until she was old enough to know not to put the coins in her mouth. When I saw this toy, I knew it would be something my 1-year-old son, Isaac, would like!

Heres the description from Baby Einstein:
Our new Count & Discover Treasure Chest will introduce baby to shapes, colors, and counting in English, French and Spanish. The secret: the ingenious chest reads each coin as baby puts it in the slot. You can select a directory mode that includes colours, shapes and counting, and a language mode so baby can hear the words in English, French or Spanish. Babies love the classic put and take action with the easy opening lid to remove coins. The chest also plays classical melodies and underwater sounds, and features babys favorite Baby Einstein characters.

Our Thoughts:

I really like the concept of this toy its simpler than a shape sorter so able to be played with by very young toddlers. As long as they can put the discs in the slots, theyre good! And Isaac is totally a lover of putting things inside containers hes always trying to put Wii games inside the Wii slot (which of course drives me crazy). Glad to have this as an alternative!

This is a musical and talking toy. Depending on the setting, it tells you the color or shape of the disc the baby puts in the slot, or it counts the discs as theyre added. Right now my favorite setting is the counting, with color being a close second, since Isaac is young and doesnt look closely at the discs before putting them inside. Another feature I love is the fact that it plays classical music hitting the starfish button on the lid plays over 10 different classical melodies!

So on to the cons because unfortunately there is one. As soon as I took this toy out of the package I was aware of the weight of the treasure chest lid. The battery compartment is in the inside of the lid inside the chest and it makes lifting the lid to take out the coins awkward, especially for a toddler. I can see that it is meant to stand open easily, but it either slams closed or the whole chest falls backward. Needless to say, this has caused some frustration and Ive seen Isaac walk away from the toy more than once because of this. If, however, Im there to help him dump the contents of the chest so he can put the discs back inside, its fine. Yes, this is a bit annoying I would almost rather it wasnt an electronic toy at all.

I am disappointed that the lid is so heavy, but like I said before the musical and educational aspect of the toy is great. Isaac does still enjoy playing with it, and I love that it introduces counting and colors!

Want It?

You can buy the Baby Einstein Count and Discover Treasure Chest for $19.99 at stores like Target and Walmart, or online at

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Note: I would like to thank the awesome folks at Baby Einstein for sending me the Count and Discover Treasure Chest for review purposes. This post is 100% my own opinion and thoughts. 🙂